Sunday, February 28, 2010

Max Marsden heat winning wave

I thought that this heat winning ride from Max Marsden deserved its own post as e pulled it from nowhere.

State Round

Josh Arm

Josh Arm



The other day i went up too trigg point to watch my mate josh surf in the state round. When we arrived we where greeted by a 20 knot offshore which made the very small waves even harder too get onto. Aside from this misfortune i managed too get some pretty sick photos as it was the best of W.a. junior surfers.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January 30th

Wedge Rat

A George, Davis and Lewy creation


Davis, rev air

George, Flip

Lewy Finnegan, Invert

Grudge- 7:56 A.M.

On the 30th of January i was supposed too be shooting my mate josh Armstrong towing in down at the beach. I arrived at the beach then walked over then sand dune too have small just breaking cut before me and josh leaving. I then saw a person photoging wedge soooo i took my camera and hope and ran on up. Upon closer inspection it was Lewy Finnegans dad..
which means lewys out..
which means Davis, George and Cam are out..
which means epic photog opportunity's, happiness came in a rush. Just like the following photos