Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Big Apple

A few weekends ago myself and a two good friends of mine, one whom is also a photographer, went up to Perth for a day to get some new different photos we hadn't captured before, the following is what unfolded from our day. My good friend who came up whom is also a photographer goes by the name of Dahn Colman, he takes some of the best photos out and has his photos from perth and many more amazing ones, you can see them on this >


Kings Park

Just Do It!

Always Nudists

Karat Kid

Hidden Treasure

Street Art

Stand Out

Dahn and Jesse


Monday, September 6, 2010


On the weekend my good friend Garth had a few people people over his house to celebrate his birthday and i took my camera and got a few snaps of people.

Skunk Eye

Brad Springer

Garth gets all the birds

The table

Garth is Cute

Tim and James

Tim, Tyson, Garth, Mitch and The Sexcel

Judge Cody

The boys