Thursday, October 7, 2010

Long Weekend

A Few weekends ago my best mate had his 17th birthday so he took us down south to yallingup, where he had rented a house for the long weekend. We made the most of our weekend by getting dished up some awesome waves at heaps of spots and shredding them. We where also dished up a hectic saturday night with one of the boys teaching us a game involving a 2oc coin, a cup and alot of alcohol. The following pictures are some of the things that went down on that weekend

20c Cup


Stairway to Haven


Gobble Gobble

Jarmy - Hack

Rory - Hack

Jarmy - Hack

Big Bird

Jarmy - Punt

Unknown - Barrel

Smiths track


Smiths - All The Boys

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weekend Lid

Over the weekend myself and Dahn photoged our local, as per usual George and Wingers were out and ripping and gave us some photo opportunities. On the sunday Dahn and i mixed it up and instead of sitting near each other and photoging we decided to split up and hit it from two different angles, Dahn shot from far down the rocks and i shot from behind the wave which is why my pictures look a little strange, but they still came out alright i n the end.


Wingers - Rev

George - Pit

Geroge - Invert

George - Rev

George - Invert


Wingers - Rev

Wingers - Rev

Wingers - Bowl

George - Rev

George - Invert

George Bowl