Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The south trip from HELL!!!!!!!!

On Sunday morning at about 3:30 Garth, Troy, Raodi, George and i headed down south thinking it would be a sick trip all smooth and sweet waves. We where considerably wrong, maybe not about the waves but being smooth it was definitely not. I will list all the good and bad things that happened, a B = Bad, and a G = Good.

B= Garth and Troy where late to pick us up
B= Expensive fuel
B= Busselton maccas tried to rip us off a value breakfast meal, therefore we had to drive through a second time to abuse them and get our food
B= Cobbles was pretty bad
G= Got some good photos
B= Garths board being on the bottom of the pile in the boot recieve two massive dents in it
B= Garths car was waxed by some locals
G= Dunsborough bakery... (nothing else needs to be said)
G= Dunsborough Iga food
B= Mousetraps was paccked
G= George was shredding
B= I went out and and on my first was got rolled and had too race to busso hospital to get $ stitches in my face
G= Smoking raodi on the highway in dawesvilles
G= Sleep
G=..... The next photos

Pissed off locals

Garth - Devo days

First wave

Raodi- cobblestones

George- Deep heavy Bowl

George-"The super roll"

Garth- Bowl section

George- ARS.

George- Heaving

George- "sometimes i wish i could stand up.... but now doesnt look like a good time too start"


Monday, March 22, 2010

40 minute compression session

On the weekend i went down too wedge late morning because a few guys i met in a perth party on friday night said it was going to be good. Wedge was doing its usual impersonation of a day care, holding 30 groms, but i did get some shots of George, Wingnut, Crutchins and Chucky

George - Rev

George - Flip